ATEC Academy Announces its Inaugural Graduating Class

In the months leading up to the ATEC Annual Conference in Tucson this past March, ATEC leaders collaborated to create the first-ever ATEC Academy professional development course. The Academy was created to provide a resource to help new educators prepare for and overcome the challenges of classroom management.

The Academy enjoyed a successful “Take Off” the weekend prior to the ATEC Annual Conference and then seamlessly transitioned to a virtual environment throughout the spring of 2024, culminating in a safe landing this past June.

The three-month course provided comprehensive training in active teaching strategies, student behavior management, assessment and evaluation methods, lesson planning, and current trends in higher education, with a specific focus on teaching pedagogy and best practices. Trainees engaged in assignments tailored to enhance their teaching skills and interactions with students—an immersive approach aims to improve student and instructor retention and persistence rates.

The first cohort of ATEC Academy students represents a diverse group of instructors who teach at corporate and educational settings. The ten graduates completed observations, interviews and teaching reflections, and submitted a 30–45-minute video of their teaching skills in action. They also attended virtual workshops on topics such as New and Innovative Teaching Apps, Rubric Development and Behavior Management, completed surveys, and shared their views of the entire ATEC Academy upon completion of the course.

ATEC Academy is honored to recognize the inaugural ATEC Academy graduating class:

  • Alfred Peck, Technical Trainer, Zipline International, Inc.
  • Clayton Melby, Aviation Maintenance Instructor, West Michigan Aviation Academy
  • Edward Glinsky, Instructor, U.S. Aviation Academy - Denton
  • Jeremy Buschlen, Technical Training Coordinator, Duncan Aviation
  • Jeremy Kahler, Technical Training Coordinator, Duncan Aviation
  • Marshall Ruff, Full Time Instructor Aviation Maintenance, Central New Mexico Community College
  • Mike Crumpler, Aviation Systems Technology Program Director, Wayne Community College
  • Ron Overacker, Program Director, Cuesta College
  • Shane Conley, OEM Maintenance Instructor, Zipline International, Inc.
  • Stephen Snyder, Tech Training Coordinator II, Duncan Aviation

All graduates either highly recommend or recommend this course to new aviation maintenance instructors, valuing the in-person Take-Off session the opportunity to network and learn from instructors from around the country.

ATEC would also like to thank its facilitator and “master instructors,” for contributing their expertise and providing a rich learning experience for students:

  • Sean Glassberg, Lead Facilitator and Educator Training & Consulting, Owner
  • Mark Holloway, Aviation Institute of Maintenance - Corporate, Executive Director of
    Aviation Maintenance
  • David L Jones, Avotek, Senior Writer/Editor
  • Michael Sasso, Cape Cod Community College, Assistant Dean, AMT Program Director
  • Kelly Filgo, Choose Aerospace, Director of Operations
  • Mary Elms Johnson, Purdue University, Professor, Associate Head for Graduate
    Education and Research
  • Michael Evans, Tulsa Technology Center, Instructor
  • Sheryl Oxley, Tulsa Technology Center, Aviation Program Coordinator
  • Teresa Pinkston, Tulsa Technology Center, Campus Director

ATEC Academy will start its second cohort August 10 at Moore Norman Technology Center. Based on student and facilitator comments, the course will incorporate additional elements focused on facilitating lab projects and training alignment to the FAA mechanic airman certification standards. If you do not have the chance to experience our ATEC Academy this summer, registration will open for the third cohort this fall, which will take place in conjunction with the March ATEC Annual Conference in Norfolk.

ATEC member and school educator discounts are available. Register at