ATEC Journal


The ATEC Journal (ISSN 1068-5901) is a peer-reviewed, biannual electronic publication.  The publication provides an opportunity for educators, administrators, students and industry personnel to share teaching techniques and research. Authors are encouraged to submit their articles for publication consideration, whether scholarly, research, application, or opinion, by utilizing the submission form below. Papers supporting the council’s regulatory and legislative agenda may be considered for presentation via online webinar and/or at the annual conference. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Technical and soft-skills curriculum integration
  • A history of legislative actions affecting aviation maintenance workforce development
  • A study on implementation of employer-education partnerships
  • Funding implications stemming from Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational outlooks
  • Highlighted innovations in the aviation maintenance industry
  • A look at successful online teaching methods and/or subject matter in other technical fields
  • Surveying currently used computer-based teaching across aviation maintenance training schools

Editorial Board Members

Karen Johnson (Editor), Southern Illinois University
Kevin C. High, Western Michigan University
Richard Johnson, Liberty University
Stephen Ley, Utah Valley University
Michael Mackey, previous training manager at Delta Air Lines
Ian McCloskey, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Terry Michmerhuizen, Duncan Aviation
Daniel Siao, Middle Tennessee State University
Jeff Strong, Avotek
Mark Thom, Purdue University

Submission Deadlines

Fall Issue Closing Date: October 1
Spring Issue Closing Date: May 1

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Criteria for Publication

All submissions must be original work and not previously published. It is the author's responsibility to ensure the work isn't published in another publication. Additionally, the paper must be free of spelling and grammatical errors, and provided in an easily readable and editable format (Microsoft Word preferred) in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide.

Additional Criteria for Academic Articles

  • Provide strong evidence for its conclusions,
  • Be of interest to educators, researchers and/or those in the aviation maintenance industry,
  • Assess unique or novel issues in a way that is likely to influence thinking in the field, and/or
  • Introduce innovations in teaching or practical project application.

Additional Criteria for 'A Word from Industry' Op-Ed Articles

  • Be a topic is of interest to ATEC members with a primary focus on its relationship to aviation technician education,
  • Have sufficient evidence of research with references to applicable facts, and
  • Be a maximum of 750 words.

Peer Review Policy

The ATEC Journal is a scholarly peer-reviewed/refereed publication targeted at the aviation maintenance industry. The Journal is focused on assessing developments in the areas of aviation maintenance education, curriculum, pedagogy, FAA certification and technological innovations affecting the maintenance industry. The Journal welcomes submissions reflecting the latest industry and academic thought in these areas. As a refereed publication, submissions will be subjected to a single-blind review by members of the editorial board and a limited number of professionals with expertise in the relevant field.  The guidelines below describe the criteria for publication, explain the review process, and detail how to submit an article for review.

Review Process

The editorial board evaluates submissions to determine whether the general criteria for publication are satisfied and whether an article warrants formal review and publication.  The process consists of a single-blind peer review by members of the editorial board and professionals possessing the requisite education and experience in the relevant field.  Each article will be reviewed by at least two editorial board members.  The author’s identity will be known to the editor but will remain anonymous to other board member referees to ensure an impartial assessment.  The referees will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a submission and provide those to the editor.  On the basis of those comments, the editor will accept or reject a submission, or request that the author make revisions before publication. All papers that are reviewed and approved for presentation at the ATEC Annual Conference will be published in the journal.

How to Submit an Article for Review

Authors should use the form below to upload their submission, which should include the following:

  • Cover letter identifying any additional author(s) and a brief description of the author(s) education and experience.
  • Abstract.
  • Article.
  • Data and supporting materials.

Authors are responsible for anonymizing their article by removing all personally identifiable information from the abstract, article and supporting documents.