Ivan D. Livi Aviation Maintenance Educator of the Year Award

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Ivan D. LiviIn Memoriam: Mr. Ivan Livi (1920-2015) was one of the council's founding fathers and provided leadership to our organization for more than fifty years. His passion for guiding aviation and maintenance students was infectious and he loved his role on the Northrop Rice Foundation, which gave him a venue to provide scholarships for young men and women to attend our member institutions. Ivan laid the foundation for ATEC to grow and develop into what it is today. His life - spanning nine decades - is a testament to what can be achieved through dedication, hard work and a commitment to serving others. The council seeks to honor Mr. Livi's legacy through the Ivan D. Livi Educator of the Year Award.

Purpose:  This award recognizes the outstanding achievement of an aviation maintenance technology instructor.  This achievement can be in the form of a single event or long term outstanding performance but must have had a direct impact on the Aviation Maintenance student. A selection committee made up of ATEC member representatives selects award winners, which are recognized at the ATEC Conference.

Past recipients:
2023: Richard Johnson, Liberty University
2022: Brad McDonald, Federal Aerospace Institute
​2021: Steven Locklear, Kansas State University Polytechnic
2020: Albert Simon, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics
2019: Galen Wilson, Westfield Technical Academy
2017: Andrew Smith, Kansas State University Polytechnic
2016: Mark Peeples, Wayne Community College
2015: Nancy Jones, Aviation Institute of Maintenance
2014: Michael Smith, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics-Myrtle Beach Campus
2013: Fred Dyen, Blue Ridge Community College
2012: Jaime Horning, Salt Lake Community College
2011: Neal Perkins, Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology
2009: Michael Westenkirchner, Hallmark College of Aeronautics
2007: Ronald Sterkenburg, Purdue University
2006: Jerome Bradley, Central Campus, Des Moines Public Schools
2005: Robert Takacs, Reedley College
2004: David Stanley, Purdue University
2003: Fred Schneeberger, St. Louis University
2002: Joseph McCourt, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
2001: James Rhonemus, Clover Park Technical College
2000: William Watkins, Purdue University
1999: Brian Allen, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics/United Technical Center
1998: William Hopper, Parks College
1997: Lucas Martinez, Colorado Aero Tech
1996: John Scheulen, Linn State Technical College
1995: Charles Rodriguez, Southern Illinois University
1994: Darrell Downing, Parks College
1993: Raymond Thompson, Purdue University
1992: Michael Williams, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
1991: Roger Carr, LeTourneau University
1990: Tim VanLoon, Winona Technical College

Eligibility:  To be eligible for the ATEC Livi Educator Award, the nominee must:

  1. Be an active instructor of airframe and/or powerplant technicians.  The applicant's workload must be of such a nature that they spend 80% of their time in contact with students teaching aviation maintenance technology classes.
  2. Nominations may be based upon one particular outstanding achievement or consistent contributions and above-average performance


  1. Nominators may only submit one nomination for the award
  2. Nominators must submit two recommendation letters from third parties

Selection Criteria:

  1. Initiative/Creativity:  What did this person do, what new ideas or applications were used and what was the outcome? Total Value: 15%
  2. Attitude/Performance:  What was the direct impact to the student(s)?  How was the attitude and/or performance of the student effected by the event, ideas, or performance? Total value: 15%
  3. Education/Training:  What education and training does the nominee possess? How did this influence the event, idea, or performance? (10%)
  4. Benefits/Effect: What benefits did the event, idea or performance provide? Total value: 10%
  5. ATEC Member: Is the educator's institution an ATEC member? Total value: 50%

Award:  The winner will receive free registration at the ATEC annual conference, reimbursement of coach airfare cost to/from the conference, complimentary hotel for up to three (3) nights, and a $750 award (provided by JSfirm.com).

Nominations are due February 1, 2024.