Is the FAA still publishing School Norms Reports?

A Member Asked,

The "norms reports" (available here) were initially published to support the "quality of instruction" requirements in the old part 147. As far as ATEC is aware, the agency no longer intends to publish these reports; instead, the plan is to release reports that aid compliance with the new 147.25 (minimum passage rate). These new reports will display each program's student passage rate for written, oral, and practical tests taken within 60 days after graduation (which is admittedly a pretty narrow look). Anticipated to include a three-year "look back," these reports may not be available until May 2025, although ATEC will actively advocate for an earlier publication.

In addition to the new “minimum passage rate” reports, ATEC is pushing for publication of a broader set of data that will allow part 147 programs to have a better feedback loop. We have specifically requested reports that show:

  1. Performance by ACS element and broader subject area across the written, oral, and practical, provided in the aggregate and filtered by:
    1. Training provider air agency certificate holder (so that individual training organizations can access and make improvements to their own training programs), and
    2. candidate type (i.e., applicant eligible based on experience or training).
  2. Sample questions showcasing how the FAA is testing the ACS code.
  3. The number of questions posed for each ACS element on specific test maps keyed to the ACS codes.

Regrettably, in the short term, part 147 programs may lack substantial FAA testing data for feedback until the new set of reports is operational.