FAA Issues Guidance for Evaluating Previous Experience for Mechanic Applicants Using the ACS

With publication of the new part 147 and mechanic airman certification standards, the FAA is adjusting the way it evaluates mechanic applicant experience under 14 CFR part 65.

Up until Sept. 21, applicants with the requisite 18 months (or 30 months for a second rating) experience were required to have verifiable knowledge/skill in 50 percent of the subject areas listed in the appendices B, C, and D for the rating sought.

Moving forward, the evaluation will be based on the mechanic airman certification standard (FAA-S-ACS-1). Part 65 applicants will be required to have experience in 50 percent of the skill elements in the subject areas of the mechanic ACS, as applicable to the rating sought. (FAA officials have clarified that candidates must have experience in 50 percent of skills over all subject areas for the applicable rating, not 50 percent of each subject area.)

Since current guidance still directs inspectors to use the (now defunct) part 147 appendices, the Deviation Memo will stay in effect until the inspector handbook is revised (specifically, FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 5, Chapter 5, Section 2, paragraph 5-1134, and Section 6, paragraph 5-1253).