Call for Presentations: Part 147 Best Practices

Part 147,

The new part 147 provides new opportunities for aviation maintenance technician schools looking to better prepare students for careers in aviation maintenance. Several annual conference breakouts will focus on these opportunities. To that end, ATEC is seeking representatives from schools and industry to share best practices and experience on the following topics:

  • Industry-driven curriculum. How is your program incorporating employer-driven specifics into your curriculum? How are you leveraging the new rule to better prepare your students to serve local employers? How are industry stakeholders involved in those efforts to tailor coursework to their specific needs?
  • Additional training locations. Under the new rule, schools can teach away from their primary location. How is your program leveraging local employers and/or secondary education to create more exposure for A&P students? How are you leveraging facilities and equipment outside of the school to enhance learning and better prepare students for local jobs? What does the company-educator partnership look like and what challenges did you overcome to put the partnership into place?
  • Competency-based programs. Now that FAA seat time mandates are a thing of the past, how is your program utilizing competencies to move students through the program at their own pace? What other factors (e.g., accreditors, administration buyoff) did the program have to consider when adopting a competency-based program?

Have other innovative ideas or changes you’re making to your program under the new rule on a topic not listed above? We’d love to hear those as well! Send a short summary to All proposals will be considered by the annual conference committee for presentation at the conference.