ACS working group reiterates request for AMT testing and training correlation

Part 147,

Last summer, the aviation maintenance technician airman certification standards (AMT ACS) working group made recommendation to the FAA that the agency properly consider new testing standards during its development of the new part 147.

The group requested that once static curriculum requirements are removed from part 147, that the agency utilize the AMT ACS as the basis for training curriculum, which would provide standardization across testing and training. It argued that since the AMT ACS will be continually revised and updated, it would be the perfect vehicle to ensure that both training and testing are in line with industry needs as technology evolves.
The FAA Aircraft Maintenance Division disagreed, stating that it will instead base curriculum requirements on a 2007 ARAC working group recommendation which envisioned a maintenance training review board (MTRB) to provide ongoing curriculum recommendations and changes.
In a subsequent letter​ (dated March 12 but officially presented at a June Aviaiton Rulemaking Advisory Committee meeting), the working group contends that “reliance on old information to the detriment of new initiatives does a disservice to the industry and all hard-working [volunteers] and agency participants." It asserts that given the subsequent development of the AMT ACS, a separate curriculum standard and governing board is unnecessary and would only enable a greater divide between testing and training.

Implementation of new  AMT ACS is expected in 2020. The community is awaiting a supplement to the 2015 part 147 notice of proposed rulemaking, anticipated to publish in August.

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