ACS Working Group Makes Formal Recommendation to Align Part 147 with New Mechanic Knowledge and Skil

Part 147,

A June 28, 2017 letter was formally presented at a recent Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC) meeting, recommending that the FAA ensure part 147 is properly aligned with new airman certification standards.

The recommendation was initiated by the ACS working group, which warned against creating training standards in part 147. The group argues that the ACS should set the minimum knowledge and skill requirements for mechanic certification, as provided for in part 65. Part 147 has essentially set the standard through its curriculum requirements, which is misplaced. 

The working group communicated these sentiments to AFS-350 through a formal recommendation asking that it 1) revise part 65 to provide the baseline standard for mechanic knowledge and skill requirements, 2) remove any reference to curriculum requirements or subject areas from part 147, 3) reference the AMT ACS in AMTS operations specifications to ensure that training and testing are directly correlated and 4) utilize the ARAC Airman Certification System Working Group as the driver for changes to training requirements.