NASA Funds Initiative to Assess the Skillset of Aviation Mechanics for the Aerospace Industry

The aviation industry is undergoing rapid evolution, with advancements in technology and changing regulations continuously reshaping the landscape. ATEC has joined Clemson University and other industry partners to support a NASA-funded grant initiative to recommend revisions to the FAA mechanic airman certification standards.

The goal is to gather data on the skills and knowledge required by aviation mechanics to support the evolving aerospace industry, as well as identify gaps and ensure that the technical workforce is fully equipped to meet the demands of the evolving aerospace sector.

The initiative was kicked off at ATEC’s Annual Conference in Tucson last week where a breakout soliciting feedback on standards revisions was facilitated by the grant team. The slide deck from the presentation is available here and a recorded version here.

ATEC members, including instructors, certificated mechanics, technicians, aerospace engineers, and other industry professionals directly involved in the education, maintenance, and repair of aircraft are asked to respond to a short survey and contribute to the development of a revised ACS, which will ultimately drive changes to part 147 curriculum and FAA testing.

The deadline to respond is April 14.