Happy AMT Day!

In celebration of Aviation Maintenance Technician Day, members provided materials and resources that could be used in the classroom to commemorate the efforts of aviation maintenance professionals and the achievements of Charles Taylor:

  • PowerPoint presentation (provided by the Aviation Institute of Maintenance) provides an overview of the life of Charles Taylor.
  • AMT Magazine’s May issue included an article written by Charles Taylor in 1948 while he was living in retirement in California. It was first published in Collier's on Dec. 25, 1948 and was reprinted in Air Line Pilot in December 1978. It was provided by Charles Edward Taylor II, the great-grandson of Charles Taylor. It’s well worth the read.
  • Flight Safety Detectives Podcast: John, Greg and Todd talk about the impacts of Taylor’s work in the earliest days of aviation.

More to share? We’ll add to the list each year so send ATEC your contribution!