FAA Releases Guidance to Aid Testing Transition

This morning, FAA published Notice 8900.666, announcing changes to the mechanic certification process. As of today, the mechanic test is based on the Mechanic Airman Certification Standards (previously the Practical Test Standard), and designated examiners will utilize a new system for oral and practical testing, the Mechanic Test Generator (MTG).

The Notice also announces release of a revised FAA Form 8610-2, the mechanic certificate application. The new form includes revisions to support the mechanic testing process using the ACS and adjusts the FAA signature block for authorizing mechanic applicant oral and practical testing under 65.80. Download the new form at https://www.faa.gov/forms/. (NOTE: As of today, the FAA has not published the most resent version of the form to its for database. In the interim, ATEC has made the form available here.)