ATEC Submits Supplemental Part 147 NPRM Comments

Part 147,

In response to an FAA inquiry regarding ATEC's request for a competency-based part 147 regulation, ATEC submitted supplemental comments to the part 147 notice of proposed rulemaking.

Redefining the use of time is the single most significant policy enabler for competency-based learning models; ATEC therefore reiterated its request that the agency remove all prescriptive requirements from part 147, which would allow AMTS to incorporate competency-based learning models into their programs. The supplemental comments also gave specific examples on how AMTS programs could change under a competency-based regulation, and relieve FAA of burdensome and unnecessary oversight responsibilities.

The comments supplement ATEC’s previous comments to the NPRM, and an aviation industry coalition letter and STEM coalition letter in support of those comments.