AMTS respond to FAA Questionnaire re the New Part 147

Part 147,

As part of its efforts to support the impending part 147 rulemaking, the FAA requested that ATEC facilitate a short survey of all current part 147 aviation maintenance technician schools. The survey addressed three areas: 1) the design of competency-based programs; 2) the implementation of competency-based programs; and 3) the extension of course offerings through dual enrollment programs.
Sixty two of the 175 certificated schools responded. Of those, 61% stated they would implement a competency-based program if allowed under the new regulation (22% were unsure and 16% said they would not utilize competency-based curriculum).
When asked whether their school would offer courses away from the fixed location (e.g., as part of a high school dual-enrollment program), 66% responded in the affirmative, including 8% that already have some form of dual-enrollment program.
Responses provided strong indication that these opportunities would increase student enrollment.
The data will support an economic analysis that is expected to accompany the final rule.